6-9 Month Baby Pictures :: Finn

No, I’m not throwing out a range of months out there because I do not know how old Finn is, if I didn’t, then I’m in trouble because he was born just a few days before our boy, Liam! I titled this blog 6-9 month because this is the next section in a baby’s first year that we like to photograph them. It’s the time when they are able to sit up on their own and entertain themselves, these make for great pictures because there is so much curiosity in them, and they find joy in some of the weirdest things, but it’s hilarious. It was fantastic having an opportunity to work with Brianne and Daniel again, and especially baby Finn. He was so much fun to photography and was full of personality. It’s always funny to see how babies will react to certain things (especially me). Usually, I’ll get the stare down, maybe even a tear… maybe the bald head confuses them? Sometimes I get laughter when they look at me, this confuses me. Why are they laughing at me? During Finn’s pictures, we set one of his toys up next to him. Hoping to get some interaction with his stuffed animal, he didn’t seem so interested in the animal with so much grass to pull around him. This is one of those times that crack me up, and the pictures that came from this time turned out wonderfully.