Abigail + Zach // Engagement Pictures Gillespie, IL

I love sessions that end up becoming a little bit of an adventure. Abigail and Zach’s session took me to a location I’ve not been before. I’ve been through some of the towns as it’s close to where I grew up, but the further I went the less familiar it started to become. I don’t know, I guess when you work from home all day, driving 1.5 hours of country roads almost becomes a vacation, sort of. We started the session on family property that was just picture perfect. Everything from the road, the landscape, the trails, the bridge, everything was perfect. It was a location where you could just about stay in one spot and have enough options of backdrops and scenery to do a whole session. However, that’s not how I operate, I want 5 spots that are like this, not just one. I could be exaggerating a bit, but after the first location we had enough to end the session, but we had one more location. Some farm ground about 15 minutes away. Seriously, the location was perfect! Old barns and equipment, wide open fields and an absolutely perfect sky! I prefer to shoot natural light, but the sky was so perfect that we couldn’t let it go to waste. I had three speedlite flashes set up to over power the sun so I could bring out the amazing sky we had, and the results were just amazing! I had such a blast working with Abigail and Zach and the session was just great! I can’t wait to show off more pictures from their session.