Altamont, IL Family Photographer // Burry

I cannot believe it’s already July 4th! The year is halfway over already and I’m really not liking how quickly things are going. However, I do love this time of year. I especially love fireworks and this year I thought it would be fun to incorporate some fireworks into pictures. Definitely count on some of this happening more next year! This was also a good opportunity to update my sister’s family’s pictures. They just moved into their new home, it’s 4th of July, let’s do some pictures. After the more traditional family pictures, we went to the back of the property to light up some smoke, some sparklers and some light fireworks to do some more themed family pictures. The kids really enjoyed it, almost too much because at some points it was hard to get their attention on the camera and away from the fireworks going off. I couldn’t be happier with how these turned out. One thing I love doing with kids is letting them be kids. I mean, let’s be real, how many kids REALLY want to look at the camera and smile for 20 minutes? I’m going to say very few… in my professional opinion. 😉 Now, how many kids wouldn’t mind holding sparklers and screaming at the top of their lungs? I’m going to say a lot more than would prefer to smile at the camera all day. That’s exactly what I had the kids do, and the pictures turned out pretty hilarious. Part of what I want to do with photography is to capture real emotion. Kids are full of energy and can usually be pretty loud and if that’s the case, why not photograph that part of their personality?