Altamont, IL Family Pictures :: Dylan

If you caught yesterday’s blog then I’m going to sound like a broken record, but I LOVE when I can have the opportunity to work with the same people multiple times. I did Dylan’s 1-year pictures pretty recently and now he’s older, more active… definitely more active. I love photographing this age because you seriously never know what you are going to get. You may have a kid that just wants to sit around, you may have a kid, like Dylan, who wants to run all over the place. Either way, I love photographing who they are at this point in time. In my opinion, photography is meant to freeze a moment in time, a “Kodak Moment” if you will. 🙂 Sure, posed shots in the studio have their place when it comes to preserving how someone looks, such as the President’s portrait down to a person’s Linkedin profile headshot. But when it comes to families, seniors, kids, etc. I feel as if that style of photography doesn’t truly capture the essence of who they are. Especially kids. I feel that a lot of people want that “picture perfect” look to show others that they have a calm, perfectly behaved family. And maybe you do, if so, then that style will definitely capture your personalities, but I’m going to guess if you are a family with three or more kids, life is anything but calm. I mean, we only have one kid and life gets pretty chaotic. HA! When it came to Dylan’s pictures, as soon as we started, he was off to the races! Running from one side of the bridge to the other. Grabbing mulch and rocks from one side and bringing them to the other. This was so perfect because this is who he is at this point in time, so that’s what I photographed. I was literally sweating by the time we finished pictures, but I couldn’t be happier with how they turned out. As I do with any session, I photograph in a way that I would want for me personally. So when it comes to pictures of my own son, this is exactly how I would want the pictures to be. He rarely sits still and smiles for the camera, he’s always running around doing something. Those are the moments I want in pictures hanging on my walls, not something fake. With lifestyle family sessions, it’s all about photographing the real you.