Altamont, IL Senior Pictures :: Adela

Adela’s first senior rep mini session was one of the most unique senior sessions I’ve ever done! Not so much the location, but rather the day we had to do pictures. Typically with senior sessions, I like to have a perfect day, or at least no rain. Rain messes everything up, but since this was a rep mini session and because I do a handful of these sessions for our senior reps, I asked Adela if she was cool doing it even if it rained. She was game. Fortunately (kind of), it didn’t really rain during her pictures. Not until the end at least. This worked out well though, as we were able to get some “safe” (dry) pictures first. There was a section in the creek that I wanted to do the last part of the session in. I was actually at this location just a few days before and very little water was running through the creek dam area. However, as we approached the location, it looks like the little rain we did have changed the look of the rocks quite a bit. Most of the rocks were covered with water rushing through. Adela was still game to do pictures here. The location I wanted to shoot from was a little way down the creek. The easiest way to get there and the way that would ensure me staying dry was to pretty much walk around the park trails to get there. Not wanting to spend 10 minutes walking, I decided to walk through the water covered rocks.

Fortunately, I got across the creek pretty dry for the most part. I climbed up the grass-covered bank, walked through the thorn-infested wooded area, got on the trail and walked the short distance to where I wanted to photograph from. As I approached the bank of where I was going to shoot from, it hit me that it was quite a drop down to where I wanted to be. From the rock area where Adela was standing, it looked like a small step down. Up close, it was actually about four feet down. Keep in mind, the bank was slick mud. There was no way I was getting down without getting muddy. I wanted to minimize how muddy I got, so I found so seedling trees that were knocked down and placed them on the bank and was able to somehow walk down to the rocks only getting a small amount of mud on me and keeping the camera safe.

At this point, it started to lightly rain. This was perfect! Exactly what I wanted! We finished up the pictures, then I had to make my way up the bank again. The trees I placed down were a lot wetter at this point. I stepped up the bank, only to watch my shoes sink into the mud. As I got back to the rocks where Adela was, my walk back across the rocks was not quite as successful. The two-step walk across the rocks resulted in two steps IN the water! On the plus side, it helped wash a lot of the mud off my shoes. On the way back to my truck, it hit me that I have tall rubber boots for this very reason in case I am somewhere it might be wet or muddy. Ugh! Oh well, it was totally worth it in the end. I’m so thrilled with how the pictures turned out!!