Altamont, IL Senior Pictures :: Chloe

Is it possible that it can be over 70 degrees in the middle of February? Unreal, it felt amazing out! In fact, it felt so amazing, I was actually starting to sweat. Minus working out, I’ve forgotten what its like to sweat simply by being outside! So, it was perfect for a senior session. Last year, we started back in the senior photography game with Marissa and Fatima as our only reps. For some reason, in 2013-14, we kind of stopped focusing so much on senior pictures, even though we still offered those sessions, our marketing was pretty minimal, as a result, between then and last year, we only did a handful of senior sessions. This year, we already have a handful of senior reps and a handful more as possibilities! I couldn’t be more excited! I LOVE senior sessions! Our first rep session was with Chloe. We offer our reps multiple sessions throughout the year, about 4-6 sessions… for FREE! If you are a current sophomore reading this, you want to be a part of our rep program, it’s only going to get bigger and better! 🙂 Chloe was great to work with. We explored some new areas of Ballard Nature Center in Altamont, areas that I’ve not been to before at least. I’m pretty thrilled with how the images turned out and look forward to more sessions throughout the year!