Altamont, IL Senior Pictures :: Sydnee

On our original date for pictures, the day was pretty gloomy. Dark gray clouds, cold, windy, and a chance of rain. I suggested we reschedule because just a few days later it was going to warm up quite a bit, be sunny, and no chance of rain. Sydnee was all for it. We rescheduled, and the new day came for pictures and it was perfect! Not too cold, not to warm, just right. It was a little sunny out, it literally was the perfect day for pictures. We explored a little bit of Ballard Nature Center off the typical path. I’m a believer that if you want to get truly unique and great pictures, you must go off the beaten path. Take a few thorns in the legs, maybe get a little poison ivy, a little muddy, or scratched up. It’s not a fool-proof plan to get great pictures, but I believe it definitely helps ensure a better chance. If anything, it’ll be quite the experience. This is something, I feel, made Sydnee’s session a little more special. We explored areas that I had not been yet, new areas that I’ve never seen before. That’s one thing I strive to do with senior pictures, provide an experience that is worth talking about, even if the session takes place locally in a heavily used location like Ballard Nature Center in Altamont. I’m super excited with how the pictures turned out.