Amber + Kyle // Outdoor Country Engagement Pictures Watson, IL

It’s fall, but on this day, we had an unusually warm day. Many news outlets were reporting it hadn’t been this warm for decades. That wasn’t going to affect us at all though. It can be funny though, during this time of year most people want pictures with fall season clothing on, but when it’s 80+ degrees and you have jeans and a sweater, it can get warm rather quickly. Like I said, though, this wasn’t going to ruin today’s session. Amber and Kyle were awesome to work with. Although warm, you wouldn’t know it from the pictures. The session took place on property that they owned and the place was absolutely perfect for pictures. Everything from a pond to trails and perfect spots of scenery! We explored quite a bit for pictures and at almost every turn there was something new and great that worked well for pictures.

The date we picked worked out perfectly too. Since the two of them were traveling quite a way to do the session. Anytime travel is involved, it can get stressful because if it rains, its not like we can just reschedule for the next day, fortunately there wasn’t any rain, however, there was the chance of our baby coming early. Fortunately, that didn’t happen either… well, not until later that evening!! It was this night that Natasha and I went to the hospital to find out our baby was going to be born. For the sake of these pictures, I’m so happy he waited to come until after the session. 🙂 I had a lot of fun working with Amber and Kyle. They were a great couple to work with and the scenery was perfect!!