Americana Themed Senior Pictures Effingham, IL

I’ve been wanting to do an Americana themed session for over year now. Last year and years prior I didn’t really market to senior that much, but now that I’m all about telling the story of life on camera, senior year is something I really want to market to. This year, three of our reps were available for a pretty much last minute planned session and one of them brought a couple friends with her. I didn’t know for sure what I was going to do since it was my first session, all I knew I wanted was red, white and blue. An American flag. And smoke. I had a 5-minute white smoke grenade that near the end of the session I lit off. I waited till the end, just in case it attracted some unnecessary attention. We set up some poses with the white smoke, knowing I had a little time to work with. After a couple of minutes, I had a blue smoke grenade. The big difference with this smoke is that it only lasted about 90 seconds at most. The cool thing about it was that it shot smoke out of both ends. However, we did not get the full 90 seconds. The thing exploded color after about five seconds and our 5 seniors were left in an explosion of blue smoke. I had them move forward because there wasn’t much of a breeze to move the smoke, but it was so heavy that it definitely made photographing five people pretty difficult. I’m pretty thrilled with how they turned out. We had a great evening for pictures, a great scenic view, and regardless of the smoke exploding, I couldn’t be happier with how the smoke pictures turned out. So much so that I have since stocked up on about 30 white smoke grenades to add some effect in future sessions. 🙂