Arend // Altamont, IL Family Photography

The great thing about photographing larger families is capturing the personality of each person in the family. Being a family of six, there’s plenty of personality. Everything from the large group to photos of each individual. There was a wide spectrum of ages in the kids too, so that really made it fun photographing them. I always suggest clothing that is coordinating for family pictures. Back in the day, and even today, the big thing was dressing the same. Everyone would be in jeans and a black shirt or something of that nature. If you are a family that dresses alike all the time, this makes sense, but I’m guessing there aren’t many families out there like that. I always go back to earlier on when I was still a newbie in the photography business, I had a family tell me they wanted people to look at their pictures and say something like, “Yep, that’s definitely them.” They didn’t want people looking at their pictures saying, “wow, they clean up nicely.” Granted, looking good is something we want be for pictures, but that doesn’t mean dressing the same. Arend’s did it right! They had a great color scheme going on and while colors were similar they were still able to express themselves as and individual, but coordinate as a family. The day was perfect for family pictures, it was definitely feeling and looking like fall, and it made it perfect for family pictures!