Ashley + Luke // Wedding Photography Teutopolis, IL

We already had our first wedding this year with Brittany and Joe’s Treasure Island, FL wedding, however, for the start of the bulk of our “wedding season,” Ashley and Luke kicked things off. What a perfect day we had too. A nice warm, sunny Spring day, this type of weather on top of a wedding makes anyone happy, especially a photographer. Every wedding day tends to have a hiccup here and there, however, at least as an outsider, I’m pretty sure there was not a hiccup or speed bump on Ashley and Luke’s day, at least our photography timeline went exactly as scheduled. Everything was so perfect! Ashley and Luke have such warm and inviting personalities, I think this definitely helped the flow of everything.

After the ceremony and some outdoor pictures with the wedding party, we made our way to a wheat field with just Luke and Ashley. This is something new we’ve been doing, encouraging couples to go out for a short time alone with us for pictures. By doing so, the couple is able to have an intimate time where we can create some creative images. I love this because we are able to work with just the few of us and it makes for a very calm time for outdoor pictures. And these pictures in particular were especially awesome because the field we had to work with was absolutely perfect! It was about as green as it could possibly be and the sky was exactly what I could hope for. The reception took place at the KC Hall in Effingham, and just like the rest of the day, the reception went perfectly. This was such a great wedding to start the bulk of our season with and Luke and Ashley were the greatest!