Barrientos // Family Pictures

I got to photograph the Barrientos crew a couple years ago, and since then they had moved to Dallas and I’ve only seen them a couple times until this past weekend when they were back in town. We had talked some time ago about doing family pictures when they were here and I was was definitely on board for doing so! They are so much fun to be with and the kids are incredible to photograph as well. The day turned out to be fantastic. We are at that time of year where a chance of rain is possible every day and Sunday was no exception. It was an 80% chance of rain and we were so fortunate to have partly cloudy skies all day with no rain. A little windy, sure, but I’ll take a little wind over rain any day. Just like any session in the past with the Barrientos, it was a perfect session! The kids were full of energy and smiles and the family pictures turned out great! I’m so thankful that they allowed us to photograph them, and I’m so happy with the way the pictures turned out!


barrientos-may2015-0011barrientos-may2015-0014barrientos-may2015-0039barrientos-may2015-0053barrientos-may2015-0099barrientos-may2015-0133barrientos-may2015-0140barrientos-may2015-0151The kids were awesome as it was, but I’m sure most of us know that kids don’t care to stand in front of the camera for 30 minutes with a smile on their face. I don’t blame them. I’d rather be playing with my toys too! HA! So how do you keep them entertained? Some photographers use creepy dolls or talk to them like they are babies. Us? We let them be kids. Let them be goofy, and honestly, this picture is probably one of my favorite pictures of the bunch because at this age, kids are just fun, goofy and full of energy and I think this picture definitely captures that. However, after a few goofy pictures, in an exciting tone we’ll then say, “Now give us a big smile and just like that a real, natural smile and even a little snicker comes out for the picture! I love it!