Ben // Senior Pictures Effingham, IL

Senior guys are just awesome to work with. Being a guy myself I know how most of them feel especially when it comes time for senior pictures. Unlike senior girls, most guys aren’t excited for school time to roll around because it means picture time, it’s quite the opposite. I know, I was in those shoes at one time. Don’t get me wrong, some guys have a certain type of picture they may dig whether it’s their vehicle, sports related, or whatever, but a 2 hour long session consisting of multiple locations and multiple outfits? Guys aren’t down with that. As we made our way to the first location I knew right away that Ben would be great as he was super laid back and pretty chill, I felt that we had pretty similar personalities, and from the first shot to the last it was probably the smoothest session I’ve ever had. Not only that, other than a mini session, I think it was the quickest session I’ve had to. Now that’s not to say we didn’t get a lot of great pictures, we ended with just as many pictures as I do at any other shoot, we were just really efficient in the locations, posing, etc.  The locations were perfect and for an early August session the weather was insanely nice, a storm had just gone through that morning bringing in cooler air with it, so all in all it was a great shoot!