Botanical Gardens St. Louis, MO Engagement Pictures // Renea + Kent

I had recently been researching some areas I had not been before for engagement pictures in St. Lous. I came across the Botanical Gardens. I have visited the Gardens before, but I’ve not taken pictures there. It was at this point that I received an email from Renea to schedule their engagement pictures and we finalized with doing them at the Botanical Gardens. It’s funny how it works out like this because when I did my San Francisco engagement session, shortly before I was thinking to myself it would be really cool to travel out west for pictures. The day of the session was pretty warm, but it wasn’t unbearable. For some reason, I thought if it’s too warm, we’ll just do something of the interior locations at Botanical Gardens. Keep in mind, the indoor locations are ultimately just really nice greenhouses and as we opened the door to the first building the humidity quickly reminded me that these are NOT the cool areas to be! You know a building is just too hot to be in when a hot summer midwestern day outside feels cool! Renea and Kent rocked it though! You can’t tell that they are on the verge of melting. Fortunately, the next building we went into was surprisingly cooler. As we braced for 150% humidity and hot temperatures, the tropical look of the interior fooled us and it was actually quite nice inside. As I mentioned, I’ve been to the Botanical Gardens before, but I apparently did not explore enough to realize just how big this place was! There was so much to offer. It was a great day for pictures. Renea and Kent were a blast to photograph and did amazingly out in the heat!