Brooke // Senior Pictures Chicago, IL

I feel like at this point, Chicago is becoming a second home for us. It’s kind of a good thing, because the more we go up there, the quicker the drives seem to get. Not sure how it’s working out that way, but I’ll take it. Brooke found us through a search online and scheduled her session some time ago. At the time, it was my only session scheduled for Chicago in the month of June. Little did I know we would end up scheduling two more sessions there this month. Brooke was an awesome senior to work with. She knew what she wanted and it just happened to line up with what I had planned for the session too. We spent a little bit of time in Millennium Park, photographing some new locations for us as well as some areas we’ve been to times before. A big difference with this session is we started a little later in the day than we usually do. This worked out in our favor because the sun was behind some of the taller buildings, and this provided some great shade for us to work in. Since the sun wasn’t all the way down in sunset mode yet, we also had some great spots where it was peaking in the frame, creating some awesome flares and making the colors of the garden downtown Chicago pop! As it began to get darker we journeyed over to the Adler Planetarium for some Chicago skyline pictures. Seriously, for Chicago senior pictures, the skyline is a must, and this night it was perfect because the water was up a little higher which made for some really cool pictures on the walkway by the planetarium.