Carrell // Mazon, IL Family Pictures

I just love when we can photograph families with small kids, because every year we do their pictures, we’re able to see how the kid(s) grows, and see what their personalities are going to be like year after year. Carrells are one such family that we have the honor to photograph every year. Just like the year before, their boy was just a blast to photograph. He’s so calm, yet so full of energy. At least with us, calm may not be a defining characteristic at home, though. 😛 I mean, there are some kids that you have to treat like kids and hope that they are willing to work with you, Parker on the other hand? Just tell him what you want him to do and boom, we have a kid posing for pictures! Absolutely wonderful! We started out at the outskirts of town near some railroad tracks and later made our way into town where there was a cool old bridge available to do pictures. Working with them was a breeze, the only challenging part of the day is the time of day we shot in, because of a birthday party and our drive, we shot just after noon. I’m sure many of you are aware, it’s bright during this time of day. Fortunately, we are getting to the later part of the year and the sun, even when at high noon, is in the southern part of the sky, allowing us to have them face north so that the sun isn’t in their faces. Whip out the off camera flash, light them up and boom! Blue sky with a well let family. I’ve not done many sessions during this time of day, simply because I prefer to shoot in the morning or evening, but after working through their pictures, I’m beginning to be a fan of the bright light. Overall, it was a great session with a great family! I’m always thrilled and so thankful for the Carrell’s allowing us to photograph so much for them, from engagement to wedding, and now family!