Centralia, IL Engagement Pictures :: Mandee + Chris

It’s hardly feeling like Fall anymore with how cold it’s been. Understandably, it’s later November, but it seems like the past few years we’ve had pretty mild Fall seasons. That doesn’t slow us down any because it’s all about those fall colors. Cold, warm, we go for it. With the exception of brutally cold, then that’s just not any fun for anyone. HA! This brings us to Mandee and Chris’ engagement session in the Centralia area. Like many of our Fall sessions this year, this is an area that’s newer to me, but it did not disappoint. The park we shot at had some pretty amazing spots that were too perfect for pictures. The trails and creek bed were some of my favorite spots during this session. They offered some pretty unique looks and anytime we travel for pictures, our goal, ultimately, is to create unique pictures. And this location that we had to work with, I think we were able to meet that goal. What a fun session this was. Those colors, though! Amazing!