Cole + Megan // Charleston, IL Engagement Pictures

If a photographer could describe the perfect day for pictures, most would say something along the lines of overcast, warm (but not hot), and maybe a slight breeze. At least I would, and the day we had for Cole and Megan’s engagement session was absolutely the perfect day for pictures. All of the pictures took place on the family farm, but it wasn’t just one farm, we had three locations consisting of different scenes for pictures. The first location had an old barn, lots of green grass and evergreen trees, as well as a little hidden creek bed. Most of the pictures had to be taken with Cole and Megan facing west, and had the sun been out, this would have been a disaster because they would have been looking right into the sun, but thank God for the massive soft box up in the sky (aka clouds), we were able to face in any direction necessary for some amazing pictures. After this we made our way to another family property where we had access to an old school tractor and overall just a perfect location for pictures with that tractor. At this point the sun started to come out, but I wasn’t upset because this was perfect timing. The row of evergreens we had as a background for the tractor pictures made it perfect to allow the sun to sneak in a little bit and spread some of it’s amazing rays in the pictures. The last place was again, a family farm that seriously should be in some country magazine. The place was perfect. The white buildings, the grass was thick and very green, the white fence, and even the playful dog. One might call it picture perfect. Well, it was! And at this point, the clouds had disappeared and the sun was shining and wouldn’t you know it, every shot we took, Cole and Megan were facing east, there was literally no reason for them to face west. One would have to think we planned it out this way, but I promise you, we didn’t (that’s impossible by the way). Seriously, everything about this shoot was perfect; the weather, the lighting, the colors, and Cole and Megan were amazing to work with!