Connor + Danielle // Oblong, IL Engagement Pictures

There are some sessions where the lighting is so perfect that it becomes impossible to stop myself from taking pictures. Connor and Danielle’s session had such amazing lighting and we had such a great location to work with too. We started the session out at a forest preserve in Oblong, IL. It was one of those locations where you really didn’t need to walk a far distance to have a 360 degree area to work with for pictures. We would set up one set of pictures, walk about 20 feet and have an amazing location for pictures that looked completely different from the one right before it. On top of that we had a little hint of fall weather as September was wrapping up, so that of course made the session even better, because who doesn’t like fall weather? After the forest preserve, we made our way to family property where we had access to a barn and a huge pasture. I’m sure by now, as you have seen, I love shooting wide shots with breathtaking skies. This location offered not one, not two, but three spots that was perfect for a little sky action! I can’t tell which one I love more, so I’m posting them all because why not? I had such a fun time working with Connor and Danielle! Can’t wait for the wedding now… the bar has been set. 🙂