Crystal + Chris // Wedding Photographer Effingham, IL

All week it has been extremely nice, warm but I can’t complain, at least it’s been consistent, no more of this 40-degree weather one day, 80 degrees the next. Anyway, while it’s been nice all week, it was soon to come to an end and the forecast was showing rain, wind, and possibly severe storms for this Saturday. This happens a lot where it’ll show maybe a 30 or 50 percent chance of rain and the day of it’s totally fine, but throughout the week it’s been 80%, 90%, 100% for the entire day!!! I mean, come on! However, this is not our first rodeo of dealing with rain. So here we are, it’s Saturday, I wake up to thunder and extremely hard rain, in a matter of minutes our backyard ditch looked more like a pond. I wasn’t feeling too confident about the day considering Crystal and Chris’ wedding was an outdoor wedding out at Lake Sara.

Then, out of nowhere, things changed. About the time we left for Effingham, the rain had stopped. Still pretty thick clouds in the sky, but no more rain. We started the day with Chris’ prep pictures. Guys pictures are usually a bit more relaxed anyway, but you could tell there was a certain amount of worry or at least a wondering how this afternoon would go. I explained if it just stays like this, I will be happy… clouds = giant soft box in the sky! After the guys, we drove to where the girls were getting ready, after about an hour, it started to get a little brighter in the home. The clouds were thinning and the sun was actually making an appearance. Still, we had about 2 more hours to go. I wasn’t going to relax right until at least the reception!

Then, the wedding started, still no rain, and now the radar shows nothing and the forecast says less than 10% chance of rain! No way! There are times in life when God likes to remind us just how awesome He is and this is one of those times. I mean, the chance of rain today could not be any higher, the radar in the morning showed that it would be raining for the next year… pretty much. And now here we were doing family and wedding party pictures outside under the trees with zero rain and even a little sunshine. No matter who you are, on your wedding day, rain can add a little stress, and when something like this happens, on top of the joys of a marrying your best friend, a certain glow can appear, and having that glow in Crystal and Chris was perfect! They have such a genuine love for each other and it’s such a great trait to capture.

Overall this was a fantastic day! Crystal and Chris were a GREAT couple, the day was perfect, the location looked great and we were able to finish with so many amazing pictures. Congratulations you two!!