Dieterich, IL Wedding Photography :: Valerie + Luke

Who else is loving this summer weather?! Holy cow! It’s nice. It’s amazing just how much of a workout wedding photography can be, especially considering the most “workout” we do as photographers is a squat with a five-pound camera and lens. HA! Every year, I look at July and August and try to mentally prepare for the waterfalls of sweat that will be emerging from me, and at least the past two years, I’ve been pleasantly surprised and haven’t had much of a sweat storm come on during these months of wedding photography. Luke and Valerie’s wedding was again, one of these surprises. The day was so perfect. We were able to explore the grounds for outdoor pictures with no problem at all! In the morning we started out with pictures of Luke and his groomsmen and then Valerie and her bridesmaids. What a group they were! All of them were so great to work with and as we did pictures with the guys, many of the groomsmen got involved with some out-of-the-ordinary pictures. Anytime the guys are involved with pictures and actually want them, I know it’ll be a great wedding, and it was! At the reception, Luke and Valerie decided the introductions at the beginning would be just the two of them. I LOVE THIS! Rather than a long drawn out introduction of the entire wedding party, the DJ got right to it and simply announced the newly married couple, and then the party got started! The reception was perfect. I always tell couples that the best odds of a successful dance floor isn’t the DJ, it’s not the music, it’s reliant on the two of them. Guests want to be where the couple is, so if the couple is on the dance floor, the guests will too! At least for the time we were there, Luke and Valerie were only on the dance floor, and so were many of their guests (which helps make for great reception images).