Donavin // Baby Pictures

It’s always great to see familiar faces over and over! We had Donavin in the studio for his 7-month pictures and oh my gosh has he grown! We go to church with his family and we see him quite a bit. I knew, of course, that had had grown up quite a bit, but having the opportunity to look at his newborn pictures we took and now these? It makes me feel like time has really gone by way too fast. He’s already sitting up and crawling! This of course made for some fun pictures as he would start to explore his environment a little. Donavin was quite the talker (or noise maker might be a better word) during his session. It cracked me up, because whenever babies do something like this, I wonder, at what age does this become weird? I mean, if I were to photograph a senior, and that senior decided to just make a roaring sound in middle of the session? 😀 A baby though, it’s hilarious and cute and Donavin was all about making himself heard. Part of me wondered if it was him telling me that we had taken enough pictures? Well, I have a belief that you can never take enough, so I ignored his demands and continued on. The day was a tad warmer for an early March day, but a little windy. However, we did take an opportunity to grab a few pictures outside. I just loved worked with Donavin and capturing all of his facial expressions and this time in his life as he is growing up into the toddler stage. Now, I’m going to try and slow down time and not blink so that his 1-year session might take a little longer to get here!