Effingham, IL Family Pictures // Slavens

What an absolutely PERFECT evening for pictures!! For the Slaven’s Pop-Up Session, I wanted to do something a little different. Since these sessions are a little shorter, I wanted to do pictures much later than I usually do. Just as the sun was above the horizon is when we started the session. This didn’t give us much of a window for light, but since Pop-Up Sessions are shorter in length, we didn’t need the time we usually need for pictures. The golden sunset, the summer colors, the amazing deck that Slavens had to work with, it was all so perfect! I’ve had the pleasure of working with these two a couple of times now, having the opportunity to work with people multiple times is just the best! This is why I love my job and why I love photography. Of course, an energetic pup helps keep things interesting too. For these pop-up sessions, we wanted to incorporate something dad enjoys. Whether dad is a dad of a human baby or furry baby, it’s still dad and what Andrew enjoyed was the deck that he built. This thing was huge and pretty amazing! So we did some pictures of the two of them just hanging out on the deck enjoying each other’s company. I loved this relaxed type of session! As I have mentioned before with pop-up sessions, my goal with them is to help change the stigma around family pictures by not keeping them so formal feeling. I want family pictures to be fun and super relaxed and this type of relaxed session. Like I said, once we let the pup out, things got a little more exciting, and a lot more energized! He was full of energy and ready to go. Fortunately, he cooperated with us for a few minutes for pictures. All in all, this was such a fun session, and I love how the pictures turned out with the golden sun we had to work with.