Engagement Pictures Strasburg, IL :: Hailey + Charlie

This area is quickly becoming one of my favorites! The tall evergreens, the scenery, the pond, I love it all. Hailey and Charlie’s session was too perfect. The two of them were total naturals, seriously, I hardly had to do any posing because before I could even get started telling them what I wanted, they were already ready to roll and the way they looked at each other, loved on one another and laughed together was just great! I didn’t want to ruin how amazing they looked by making them break their pose to do a pose I had in mind. The evening could not have been any better either. As the sun set on the horizon, we were given amazing soft golden light to work with. At one point by the pond, the light was so perfect that I swear I had a Hollywood light setup to work with. However, I didn’t. The way the light bounced off the water and the way the sun beamed through the woods in the background, the situation was a dream! Needless to say, we spent quite a bit of time in that location to take advantage of that light as much as we could. This was definitely a fun session, Hailey and Charlie were a total blast to work with.