Engagements: 2015 Year in Review

I love engagement sessions. They are just a great way to build a relationship with the couple and get to know them a little behind the camera. What kind of pictures do they like or don’t like? This way when the wedding day comes, interacting with them doesn’t feel stiff or forced. I never want to feel like just another vendor because we work so closely with couples, it would just make things awkward. Engagement sessions definitely help eliminate any discomfort. This year has been a tremendous year for engagement sessions. We’ve been everywhere from the family farm to the big city. We’ve expanded our reach quite a bit too driving upwards of 5 hours away for engagement pictures. Granted I’ve hopped on an airplane for sessions before, but in terms of driving, 5 hours is pretty well the furthers I’ve gone for a session. It’s always great getting out and seeing new places, especially in Illinois because I’m surrounded by flat farm ground. Having the opportunity to see the city or even southern Illinois in the Garden of the Gods helps one appreciate the state of Illinois a little more.