A Fair Barn Salem, IL Wedding Photography :: Laura + Jeremy

After meeting with Laura and Jeremy and learning about their film background I was pretty excited to work with them! Not only because we had some shared interests, but because they were planning their wedding around the optimal time for outdoor pictures! This never happens, unless of course, it’s a photographer getting married. Known as the “golden hour” there is a time in the evening when the sunlight is so soft it becomes so easy to work with. Plus the sky and lighting are golden, hence the golden hour. Before their ceremony, it was pretty cloudy, which makes for pretty great pictures, especially when the sun is higher in the sky. The clouds provide a natural softbox, so not only did we have perfect light to work with before the ceremony, we had incredible lighting to work with after the ceremony because at this point, the clouds started to break and the sunset light started to make an appearance. During this time, it was just the two of them and us as we did their pictures. I LOVE when couples do this. This intimate time with no distractions helps make for some pretty great pictures. Of course, with these two, I doubt anyone would have been a distraction. They were naturals behind the camera. We barely had to set up any poses because Laura and Jeremy would just love on each other in a way that was too perfect not to photograph. So not only did we have perfect lighting, a perfect time to do pictures, we had a perfect couple… and a perfect location! A Fair Barn in Salem, IL provided such a great landscape for their pictures.

During the reception, they wanted to do a sparkler exit, however, with a little twist. The sparklers were not your typical sparklers, they were neon colored sparklers. There were enough for maybe 2-3 sparklers per person. We lined everyone up, lit the sparklers and got ready for pictures. My initial plan was to stand halfway down the line and walk back with them as they walked through the line. After I got hit on the hand by a couple sparks I decided I was going to stay where it was safe. I later found out that Laura and Jeremy had planned on stopping halfway down the line and kiss. This plan, of course, was diverted when they were hit by some sparks too. It worked out pretty great though. The reaction they had caught on camera was pretty amazing and quite funny. Laura and Jeremy’s wedding was such a fun day and one that was definitely quite memorable! I’m so grateful that we had the opportunity to work with them!