Fairground Mini Session :: Miller Family

LOVE this time of year! The fair is here, which means shake-ups and elephant ears, oddly enough, as I write this blog, I have yet to enjoy the sweet taste of an elephant ear! It’s also the second year of our fairground mini sessions. This is something we introduced last year and it was a lot of fun! These are unlike any of our other sessions. Unlike many of our sessions, we have no control over what will happen and the scenery. If we go somewhere like Chicago and plan to do pictures in a particular area and there’s an event, that’s fine. We can move a block or two down and still get the scenery of the city. The fair, however, we move a block down and we are no longer in the fair. HA! There are a lot of factors to ensure a successful session and fair events, rides, games, and food are all very unpredictable, but the chaos of everything going on at the fair create for some really cool backdrops. Typically, I do not like people in the background of images, but at the fairgrounds, they are almost required. Of course, I try my best to avoid any unnecessary distractions. The first session of the fairground mini sessions was with the Miller family. I had the privilege of working with these two five years ago during their wedding! No way does it seem like it’s been that long! How cool it was to work with them again. I’m so thankful and honored that they would come back to have more pictures taken, and what better scenery than the fair for pictures?