Fairview Heights, IL Wedding Photographer :: Kimmy + Chris

Our last wedding before a five-week break and I could not ask for a better wedding to go into the break with. Whether it’s the end of the wedding season or going into a break, there’s something about ending with a bang. Kimmy and Chris’ wedding was just that, too! The day was perfect, the timeline was very open and we had more than enough time for pictures throughout the day, and most importantly, Kimmy and Chris were such a sweet, fun couple. I knew from the time we did engagement pictures with them that their wedding was going to be a great one because both of them were just fantastic to photograph. They had such natural personality in front of the camera that made my job too much fun… if that’s even a possibility. The wedding took place in Fairview Heights, Illinois, which is actually a new location for us. I’m always a fan of seeing new scenery and locations! After the ceremony, we had a good couple of hours for pictures outside. We rarely need that much time, but since we were shooting video too, it’s nice having some extra time to work with. During the outdoor pictures, the sunlight was coming from such a perfect spots for the location we were at. It was a dream! Everything about their wedding day was a dream. As I mentioned, I can not think of a better way to go into a five-week break than with Kimmy and Chris’ wedding. We had a tremendous time working with these two and are so thrilled to show some of the pictures from their big day!