Family Pictures on the Farm

Anytime we get a fun backdrop to work with, I’m all for it. Sometimes it’s a unique location in the city, sometimes it’s the family farm. In this case, it was the farm. I not only love what farms have to offer in terms of backdrops, but I love the family farms because its special for everyone. Maybe it’s a memory made while learning to drive, or looking out the window being able to see the fruit of your labor, or maybe it’s the tractor that’s still working after many generations, so much about a family farm is great! We started this family session out by a pasture full of cows. Cattle play a big part of their lives and they wanted to be sure to include them in some of the pictures. From there, we found some older equipment that made for the perfect backdrop in pictures. Another thing I love about farms is the old equipment. The texture, the colors… it’s perfect for pictures. As the sun started to set, they wanted to get the house and barns in the background. As I was setting up my lights (because it was getting pretty dark at this point), I looked up only to see the house was quite a distance away, it was but a speck in my eyes. The may be a slight exaggeration, but it was pretty small. We have two options, go closer, which wasn’t really an option because we would have to walk quite a ways, or I pull out the zoom and play some photography trickery. This is a little trick you see in movies a lot where you have an exploding house in the background and a person is walking away and it looks like they are right by the house, when in actuality they are quite a distance away, a zoom will pull in that background object and make it look bigger than it really was. So I did this with their pictures so that the house and barns looked bigger than what they really were. It was a fun session. Families with so many ages involved never disappoint because there’s so much personality and this one was no exception. I had a great time working with them!


family-0015 family-0067 family-9704 family-9762 family-9791 family-9805 family-9812 family-9837 family-9868 family-9877 family-9936 family-9944 family-9947 family-9973