Finley // Newborn Pictures – Baby Photography

This was a newborn session that we were particularly looking forward to. After talking with Brianne and Daniel many months ago, learning they were pregnant, at the same time we were pregnant and our due dates were within a few weeks of each other, it meant the closer we got to their pictures, the closer we were to being parents. In a crazy turn of events, we actually had our babies within days of each other, the day Brianne and Daniel were leaving the hospital, we were going in. So far the most enjoyable part with baby photography has been experiencing everything alongside other couples, and with these two in particular its been fun because we’ve been going through the same stages together and had quite a few laughs in our talks of what the whole experience has been like. We were thrilled that Brianne and Daniel allowed us to continue doing pictures for them by photographing baby Finley’s newborn pictures. Like the babies before him, he spoiled us. Asleep from the beginning and ready for us to pose him as needed. With his calm participation, it further made me think that our first non-participating baby would be our own (and I was right… that blog is coming soon). Finley was a great baby to photograph, I feel honored to continue to be a part of Brianne and Daniel’s story through photographs as we photographed his newborn pictures. Seeing a couple go from marriage to a little family is so exciting, and to be a part of that story is beyond words!