Janique + Dencel // Starved Rock State Park Engagement Pictures

As you may know from many of my other blogs, traveling is something I love to do! Getting out to see new locations excites me and it also helps me with my local shoots because it keeps me on my toes and constantly looking at things with fresh eyes, at least to the best of my ability. Janique and Dencel’s session took place at Starved Rock State Park. At just three hours, the travel took me to a place that would make you think you are somewhere in the Pacific Northwest, or at least somewhere else that’s not Illinois! This place is amazing. At the end of the session, we figured that we had walked nearly four miles as we walked the trails looking for areas to photograph in. It had everything, from the basic wooded background, to a wall of rock that towered what seemed like 50-70 feet up, and lookouts that allowed you to see down the Illinois river and miles away! The location was perfect, and the day was equally as perfect. At around 60-65 degrees and sunny, it felt like a great day for a session. Janique and Dencel connected with me through a mutual friend, and I feel so honored to have had the opportunity to photograph their engagement pictures. They were a great couple to work with. Anytime a couple is okay with walking for miles for pictures makes them pretty awesome in my book. I had a lot of fun working with them and can’t wait to show off even more of their pictures!!