Jr. Miss Effingham County Frozen Inspired Pictures

I received an email last month with a request for head shots for Marlee, Jr. Miss Effingham County, so it was already a pretty awesome opportunity and then to top it off, they wanted them outdoor. Obviously looking through my work I’m an on-location photographer, I love outdoor, and I love natural lighting. Don’t get me wrong, I know off camera flash, I know how to light a subject with flash, I’m a photographer, it’s my job to know these things. So overall, awesome opportunity, and then I got to thinking, there is a LOT of snow outside, I really hope she is into the frozen thing right now because I have been wanting to do a frozen inspired shoot for a while and snow in Illinois, while not rare, is hard to catch on a good day. One day it’s here, the next day it’s sunny and 50.

We made our way to Ballard Nature Center in Altamont, IL and took care of the head shots first. Marlee was incredible. It was freezing outside, but you would never know she was near numb in the pictures. After the head shots were complete she had a pretty spot on Elsa inspired dress that we were able to capture some pretty amazing pictures with. If you know something else about me, you know I LOVE photoshop and the capabilities it has to offer so I wasn’t going to let this slip away to place in an amazing sky. in the teasers I have below I’m only showing a few, for more you’ll need to head to the facebook page and watch out for some more.