Kase + Mallory // Engagement Pictures Effingham, IL

There are some days where the lighting is just so perfect you don’t want it to end; this was one of those days. Kase and Mallory’s engagement sessions was a blast not only because of the lighting but these two have such great personalities and it really shows in the pictures. As a photographer I love shooting pictures that look to be a little more candid. Sure, I set up a pose and everything but I don’t want couples to look stiff, I want it to look like they are simply hanging out being in love. Well these two nailed it! Every pose I set up they were looking at each other laughing away and it made capturing their love for each other a little too easy. We started the engagement session downtown Effingham to get a little more of an architectural vibe. I’m pretty sure we could have ended the session after downtown and been just fine, but that’s just not the way I work. We headed to the park afterward and wow! Seriously the lighting was so great! We quickly doubled the pictures and poses we already had, in just a small area of the park. That wasn’t it though. We had one more location to go to. During each shoot, I like to get at least one wide angle shot. Something that would look great on a really large print. A print that you can hang up in the house and it’s not so much a “print” but a centerpiece of the home. We had one location that the background was lined with trees and inside was an open pasture. This is perfect for the way I like to edit. Overall, it was a fantastic shoot and it makes me even more excited for their big day to arrive!