Katie + Will // Effingham, IL Wedding Photography & Videography

The days are going by so much faster now that wedding season is in full swing. It seems not long ago we were shooting Katie and Will’s engagement pictures! Where did time go? Here we are, the big day has finally arrived and the team was set to go. We had the honor and privelige of doing wedding photography and video for their wedding. Days like these are a blast because we have a team of us, two photographers, two videographers and an assistant. Chances are there’s a slim chance a moment doesn’t get captured. 🙂 The day started off at St. Francis Church in Teutopolis, IL. It was warm, but there was a nice breeze to keep us from baking too quickly. This was a much welcomed breeze, as we were scheduled to be outside with the wedding party following the ceremony. The ceremony we flawlessly, and everything about it was perfect! Afterward, we made our way outside for pictures of the wedding party. Like many of my previous blogs, I’m going to take a second and brag about the wedding parties we’ve had lately, including Katie and Will’s! They were so fantastic to work with. So cooperative and up for anything. This makes pictures so much easier as I’m not having to holler out directions, and it allows for pictures to go by a lot more quickly too. I’ve never had as many compliments on how easy we were to work with from wedding party members. A handful of the wedding party members came up to us during outdoor pictures and the reception to let us know. Sticking to a timeline and making sure pictures go smoothly is super important to me, and when I hear words like this, it’s definitely a confidence booster and let’s me know that we are at least on the right path when it comes to how we direct pictures.

Then, the reception! WOW! Held at the Keller Convention Center in Effingham, IL, the decor was absolutely breath taking. With the help of their awesome staff, we kept guests out of the room for a few extra minutes so that we could get pictures of it. I know detail pictures can seem kind of moot, but years after the wedding, those little details will be forgotten and hopefully by having pictures of them, you’ll be able to look back and remember what everything looked like, whether you created the decorations yourself or spent money on someone else to do it, details are extremely important. The reception was so perfect. The speeches were amazing, the dances were great, and there was even an auction for the dollar dance held by an actual auctioneer. I can’t even begin to describe how hilarious this part of the reception was, it was just one of those things where you had to be there. The dance floor was packed throughout the dances and as photographers and videographers, this is so awesome! It allows us to capture such fun and happy moments at the reception and incorporate those into the pictures and video. Katie and Will’s wedding was such a blast, we were actually a bit upset to leave. Congratulations Katie and Will!