Katie + Will // Strasburg, IL Engagement Pictures

There’s just something about a country session; it’s simple yet it can be very dramatic in terms of how the pictures turn out and that was definitely the story of Katie and Will’s engagement pictures. The first place we started was an area that had been turned into a nature type area with wild flowers, grasses, some out buildings, woods and benches. It was absolutely perfect and the lighting we had was equally as perfect. It was cloudy, but not too cloudy to make it dark, just enough light spread evenly thanks to those clouds. I put it on my facebook, but in case you didn’t see it; I like to listen to music on my shoots as we drive from location to location. And when I say music I don’t mean top 40, country, rock, etc, I mean straight up music, more specifically, movie scores. I love movies and I almost love the music to movies even more than the movie. I get so much inspiration from music, it takes you to a place where you are able to visualize a scene whether it’s a romantic, comedy, horror, action genre movie, the music takes you there. During Katie and Will’s session I was listening to the Lord of the Rings score. I love this music, so much so that I have a Spotify playlist titled “The Shire” which is just music that takes place in the shire during the films. For me, it takes me to a place that is simple, fun, and vibrant. You can see below in the pictures that this is the very theme for these pictures. Granted, my overall look is similar with every shoot I do, but hopefully after knowing about my inspiration from music you’ll see there is a little bit of the shire incorporated into this small town country session.

We loved working with Katie and Will! I think we spent the same amount of time as we did shooting just standing around talking! I love when shoots go like this because I never want to feel like just another vendor the couple has to work with. Building that relationship/friendship is so awesome and it definitely makes us excited for the wedding day! They have such a fun personality and it definitely showed in the pictures!