Katy + Ben // Champaign, IL Engagement Pictures, University of Illinois

Another day in mid-February where the temperature is pushing 70 degrees! I could not ask for a better day than the one we had for Katy and Ben’s session. We started the session at Lake of the Woods in Mahomet, IL. This was a new location for me and I’m definitely wanting to make another trip back for pictures! There was so much to work with, and we only skimmed the surface of possible locations for pictures! Sessions like this are my favorite. We parked the cars and walked to every spot. At the end of our time there, we had walked over 2.5 miles, so on top of the great weather, great photography opportunities, we also got a little bit of a workout in. For any of you who are fans of the show The Office, this is what they would call a win-win-win scenario. HA! Having all this time to spend with couples is great to because it allows us a chance to talk and build a relationship and for photographing weddings, it’s these opportunities that are absolutely fantastic because when the wedding day comes, we won’t feel like total strangers, but after spending a few hours, and walking a few miles with each other, by the wedding day, we are all pretty comfortable around one another. After our time in Mahomet, as the sun was setting, we made the trip to the University of Illinois campus. By this point the sun was pretty low, and the lighting was perfect! I love the lighting just past the “golden hour” light because it’s just bright enough that I don’t have to crank up my camera settings resulting in grainy images, but dark enough that it allows the images to come out feeling a little a little dark as well. They almost resemble the look of film, and considering I like to edit my pictures to resemble film, shooting during this time of the day works out perfectly. One drawback to this time is right now, in the winter, we only get about 15 minutes of this lighting. I had a lot of fun exploring with Katy and Ben, they were a fun couple to spend the afternoon with and I can’t wait to share with them more pictures!