Kenzie + Kaleb // Wedding Photography Effingham, IL

The day started off at the Holiday Inn in Effingham where Kenzie and Kaleb along with their wedding party got ready for the big day. I love hotels for prep pictures, the natural light that spills into the room and the laid back environment tend to make prep time go by so smoothly. Going smoothly was the name of the day, everything was perfect. From prep to reception, I don’t think there was a moment where we thought something was off or that we were getting behind. No, nearly the entire day we were well ahead of schedule, which is always good. After everyone was dressed and ready to go, we made our way out to Tuscan Hills Winery in Effingham where the ceremony was to happen. We started out with a first look in the vineyard and explored the grounds as we took pictures of Kenzie and Kaleb. Although a little warm because of the humidity, the day was absolutely amazing, especially considering the wedding was outdoors, it’s always nice to have clear skies for an outdoor wedding. Of course, Tuscan Hills Winery provided some amazing views for pictures, so that plus the clear skies made for some happy photographers.

After the ceremony exit, we jetted over the the Thelma Keller Convention Center, where the reception was being held. We wanted to get there as quickly as we could so that we could get plenty of detail pictures without much interference with guests. Have I ever mentioned how much I love Keller Convention Center receptions?! As usual, and going along with the theme of the day, the reception went so smooth, from the introductions to the garter and bouquet, we could have imagined the day going by any better. Usually we face little speed bumps throughout the day, but if humidity was the only complaint about the day, I’ll take it! We loved working with Kenzie and Kaleb. Both of them have such fun and welcoming personalities. They are the type of people you spend a few minutes talking to and you feel like you’ve been friends all your life. It was and honor photographing their big day and capturing the love they have for each other. Overall, it was a fantastic day and we are so thrilled we got to be a part of it.