Lifestyle Family Pictures Altamont, IL :: Glenn

As this year starts to come to a close, we have been reflecting on our business and looking at areas where we can improve or change. One area, in particular, is our family photography. This past summer, I started thinking about who I am as a photographer. I know, I know, after 8 years in business you would think I’d have a pretty good idea, and while I do, there is always room for growth. Anyway, I’ve realized that the thing that drives me as a photographer is telling a story. Wedding Photography is the most obvious story-telling that we do. But looking at everything we do with portraits (families, babies, seniors), we are still pretty traditional in that we still do a lot of posed pictures. Don’t get me wrong, a posed picture of a family is nice, but it doesn’t really tell a story. Moving forward we are going to be transitioning our family pictures over to lifestyle family sessions. It’s kind of a new, or unheard of thing in this area, but in terms of telling the story of your family, it’s the best way of doing so, in my opinion. The session is just as it sounds, lifestyle, meaning we capture life as it is. This may be in your home, but it can also be outside at the park playing with the kids, or having a picnic, or playing on the beach with your family, the options are limitless.

Our first session takes place with the Glenn family. Nick is a friend of mine from back in our grade school and jr. high days! Not only was it cool to reconnect with him, but it was pretty cool having the opportunity to photograph his family. We started outside where we did get a few traditional poses, but more focused on the family hanging out. After outdoor pictures, the five of them got into matching striped pajamas that were Christmas themed. I loved this! How fun! These pictures took place inside their home where I photographed them just hanging out with one another. I loved how they turned out, and I loved this style of photography because it fits in exactly with me wanting to tell a story with pictures. They were such a blast to photograph!!