Lifestyle Family Pictures :: Patton

I mentioned in an earlier post that we are taking our family pictures in a new direction. In case you missed it, traditionally family pictures are the family posing together looking at the camera smiling. Don’t get me wrong, these can be great images that will be cherished forever, and of course, I’m still doing posed family pictures. However, for the most part, family pictures are going to be more lifestyle. These are not posed shots, they are candid shots of everyday life with your family. Maybe it’s in your home, maybe your workplace if you’re a business owner, or maybe it’s at the park. Whatever the case, it’s life captured on camera. I know you might be thinking, but I capture everyday life all the time on my phone. And that would probably be true, however, if you are the one taking the pictures, you are never in them. The idea of lifestyle family pictures is that you are actually in the image interacting with one another, playing with your kids, wrestling with them, playing fetch with the pets, or whatever it is that you do on a daily basis with your family.

After the Patton’s lifestyle family session, I can’t help but imagine these prints on their walls being cherished for a lifetime. These pictures are conversation pieces. Visitors to your home will ask what might be happening in the image. What did that person say? What are they playing with? And so on. I LOVE this! I love story-telling photography and lifestyle family pictures allow for your family’s story to be told. The Pattons were such a fun crew to photograph. The kids were full of energy and that made for some pretty fun images. At one point, one of the boys wanted to go to his room to play with toys. This wasn’t even something I set up, or posed, as I mentioned above, it just happened organically and both parents followed the kids in the room where they proceeded to play with toys and read some books! We wrapped up the session in the bedroom where we were going to attempt a family picture in the bed, but by this point, I think after playing with toys and a snack, the boys were ready to go. A family picture in the bed turned into family wrestling time. This could not have been any more perfect. What a fun session, and such a fun family!