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Having the opportunity to continue to work with couples after their wedding day is seriously the best feeling on earth! It’s one thing to be trusted with the responsibility of capturing and preserving the memories of a wedding day. It’s another for a couple to contact us with the news that they are about to introduce a little one in the world and they want us to continue to photograph their story. Amy and Jaron’s newborn session was the start of something new for us. Continuing with our transition to lifestyle sessions, newborn sessions are going that route too. Studio pictures have their place, they can look really nice, however, it just wasn’t us. During 2017, I spent some time reflecting on who I am as a photographer and I realized that I’m a story-teller, through and through. If I can’t tell a story, it doesn’t energize me or make me feel like I’m using my gifts as a photographer. It feels forced. Also, when I thought about pictures hanging on the wall or in an album, I felt that story-telling pictures would look best and for the most part, never age, even though the baby or kids might get older, the memory will always be alive. When I look at the pictures we did of our own son, Liam, I really like them, I think they turned out great, but we have a couple prints from the session and about 80 digital files that have been sitting on the computer. This isn’t the outcome I want for pictures! I want families to print their images, to hang pictures on the walls and print albums. For us particularly, since Liam is now 15 months, while I want to print some of his newborn pictures, it’s hard to think about doing that now since he looks totally different. HOWEVER… if they were pictures that told a story, pictures of Natasha and I cuddling with Liam or interacting with him, these are moments in time that I want to remember forever. These are the types of moments I want to photograph and provide for families. This is what we did for Amy and Jaron’s newborn pictures. What a sweet little family they are! We did the pictures in their home, which was super bright and perfect! I loved their home! I loved watching the three of them interact with one another. This was such a fun session full of memories that I hope they will enjoy for many many years to come.