Lisa + Jimmy // St. Louis, MO Engagement Pictures LaFayette Square

Could the weather be any nicer?! I guess depending on when you are reading this you may think otherwise, but the day we did Lisa and Jimmy’s engagement pictures, it was absolutely perfect at 70 degrees, a light breeze, partly cloudy; perfection. Lisa and Jimmy wanted pictures in St. Louis, with the arch landing construction, a cardinals game and a blues playoff game, we decided to stay away from downtown as it would have been a nightmare working around everyone. We decided on LaFayette Square just a mile or so away from downtown. I love this area. The houses are so unique and the park is seriously out of a TV show. Minus the Golden Gate Bridge in the intro, this place could’ve easily been the location of Full House. You know in a TV show or a movie, when they show a park scene, people are out riding their bikes, playing with their dogs, playing football, walking, relaxing on a blanket, etc? Maybe it’s just because I’m from small town USA, but I rarely see anyone in parks period. Even some other city parks I’ve been too, they’ve been pretty bare. Lafayette, however, it offers everything you could imagine, minus a hot dog stand, and I wouldn’t be surprised if there isn’t one of those in the summer months! Needless to say, this area is a dream to shoot in, not just because of the amazing architecture or green lush park to shoot in, but I’ve never had to deal with large crowds, even when there were 3 wedding parties out there during one of our shoots, parking is free, and it’s easy to get in and out from when you are traveling there, again, perfection.

Lisa and Jimmy were such a great couple to work with. They trusted fully on us to produce great imagery, and seriously, it’s such a huge honor and so warming when couples trust us this way. Its a bit of a confidence booster too and pushes us to continually do better. We started in the park walking around to different locations. We only used a fraction of what was available too, the park has so much to offer. After the park, I wanted to incorporate the unique housing too. We spent some time walking the blocks of this community, stopping every so often to take advantage of the amazing backdrops this community had to offer. Everything from white buildings with fun color accents, to tree covered sidewalks, to brick houses with beautiful landscaping, this place has it all and I loved how the images turned out from their engagement session!!