Logan + Jordan // Engagement Pictures St. Elmo, IL

Couples like Jordan and Logan are the best! They are the type of couple that pretty much every picture I took of them was a keeper. This makes what I do easy, yet hard at the same time. Easy to photograph them, hard to sit down and determine which of the pictures to keep. One reason I love engagement sessions is it allows the couple to get to know the way I work. I’m relatively quick when it comes to a wedding day, because time is usually a little short, so we have to be quick and efficient in our photography. For example, I’ll set up a pose of the couple looking at me, then looking at each other, one of them looking at me, then the other, and new pose. This all happens in a pretty short time, and engagement sessions are no exception. However, during the session it was like these two were reading my mind. No lie, right before I would say to look at each other they were looking at each other. Right before I would tell them to kiss, they would just kiss. I’m thinking the wedding day will go extremely smooth in terms of pictures as it seems were are all on the same wavelength. It was pretty funny but awesome at the same time. For the most part we were on family property throughout the session, and the locations were amazing! I seriously think there are some people who live on land that is so picture perfect they could rent out pieces of it to photographers and make a killing, this property was one of those properties. The cut down grass with the tree line in the background, the creek, the pond, it was perfect. When we started the session we went out to the pond, but on arrival we determined that it was too bright to start there, so we made our way to the wooded area. This little delay bought us some time for the sun to go down a little more so that it was behind the trees and not above the tree line producing harsh light. After this location we drove out of town to a different location. The drive took quite a few minutes, but again, this little delay bought us so much time that by the time we wrapped things up at the pond, the sun had set and provided us a cotton candy colored sky for some pictures at the pond. The session was so amazing and I’m so thrilled with the way the pictures turned out.