MaKenize + Trevor // Effingham, IL Wedding Photographer – Carriage House Reception Altamont, IL

Talk about a roller coaster of fear and then excitement on this day! All because of the weather too. Leading up to the day of, the weather channel was predicitng a 100% chance of rain for the entire day…. the ENTIRE day! Throughout the week, I was fully expecting to see that 100% lower to a 30, maybe a 20% chance, but it didn’t. The morning of the big day came and it was raining and the radar didn’t show any sign of letting up. After talking some with MaKenzie and Trevor, we prepared ourselves for no outdoor pictures. It just wasn’t going to happen. Bummer! However, this did push us to try some new styles of photography that we don’t really do too often because we typically spend that time outdoor doing pictures, so it was pretty fun having a chance to try some new stuff. The ceremony came and everything went perfectly, and while we are on the topic of the ceremony, I’m just going to give a huge shoutout to the pastor at the church. When I met him that morning, we introduced ourselves, he seemed fun and light-hearted and proceeded to say, “Do whatever you need to do to get your shots. Move things, walk where ever you’d like… whatever you need to do.” Whoa!! I can say since 2009 when I shot my first wedding, I’ve never heard those words. So while outside was pretty crummy, things brightened up big time inside! This excitement only continued as the ceremony came to an end and we looked outside window, no rain!! The radar even showed nothing above us! After family formals, we were able to go outside for creative pictures with the wedding party. Seriously?! Could this day get any better?

Well, it did! The reception took place at the Carriage House Event Center in Altamont. Not only do I love receptions here because it’s just .5 miles away from where we live, but the venue is gorgeous and so well operated! Receptions here go by so smoothly. As a vendor I love smooth receptions, but more importantly, this really helps the couple enjoy their reception that much more! We had a tremendous time working with MaKenzie and Trevor and can’t wait to show even more pictures than below, but for now, here’s a taste of their amazing wedding day!