MaKenzie + Trevor // Engagement Pictures Montrose, IL

As we get to the later part of fall, Christmas time starts to become more and more a reality. Even though it’s just now Thanksgiving, most people are in Christmas mode already. It’s also that time of year where it’s not quite cool enough to bundle up, but it is cool enough that we need to dress a little warmer, so you kind of get this mix of fall/winter clothing. I say this because some of MaKenzie and Trevor’s pictures remind me of this fall/winter mix with the plaid shirt, evergreen tree behind them, wrapped in a blanket… I mean, maybe it’s just me but you get this feeling of fall and you love it, but then there’s a hint of winter that gets you excited to wrap a blanket around you, sip on some hot chocolate and watch a movie. 🙂 These two were so much fun to work with and everything from the lighting to the scenery was working in our favor! We were able to get so many great shots in just a small amount of area, which is always nice too. As I’m sure I’ve said a thousand times on the blog now, I just love this time of year for pictures! I feel like this time of year, we tend to be in a good mood and just feel good overall (that is until the holiday season when we stuff ourselves full of food), mix these good feelings with good weather and great pictures are the result.