Maternity Pictures Effingham, IL :: Allred

I’ve been looking forward to this session for some months now. I absolutely love when we are given the opportunity to photograph a couple’s wedding, and then later down the road, give the opportunity to come back and photograph the next chapter in their life. We shot Amy and Jaron’s wedding last year, and when I saw the news of their new addition and then later asked to do maternity pictures, to see I was excited is an understatement. A wedding is some exciting stuff, obviously, but introducing a little one into the world? Nothing compares, and being able to take part in this exciting and this new chapter in Amy and Jaron’s life by photographing it is not only exciting, but it’s such a huge honor! I feel so blessed to be trusted with taking this pictures and have nothing but warm feelings having the chance to work with them again. Of course, like our previous sessions and wedding pictures, this session was such a fun time. We scheduled pictures for as late as possible while we still had some sunlight available. I wanted to have that soft warm glow for the pictures. Even though the due date is in December, baby’s due day is technically Fall, so I wanted to incorporate the golden glow and colors of fall in the pictures. What a fun couple these two are. I can’t wait to do their newborn pictures now!! This is something new for us. This past year we started doing newborn pictures, but starting next year we are going to change up the way we do them to match better with our branding. Keep an eye out for those.