Metzger // Altamont, IL Family Photography

Any session that comes from a referral is always fantastic! Word of mouth referrals aren’t only the most reliable form of advertising, but it’s a form of referral that I’m so appreciative of. Marissa, our assistant for weddings, contacted me and let me know she referred me to her teacher. I’m thrilled we had the opportunity to work with the Metzgers! They were a fun family to photograph and their kids were a blast. Their little girl was full of curiosity and excitement and ran around quite a bit. I know what you’re thinking, that has to be hectic. On the contrary, I love when we have the opportunity to photograph kids being kids. I know I may come to eat those words when it’s our own kid, but as a photographer I love to capture this excitement in them. Their boy, who was only a handful of months old, had a similar sense of curiosity in his eyes, of course it was a different kind as he was simply soaking in his surrounds. Still, I LOVE photographing this wonderment for the world that surrounds them.