Michelle + Jeremy // Engagement Pictures Chicago, IL

We find ourselves in Chicago for the third time in just a matter of weeks. What a way to wrap up summer, right? The past couple were senior sessions, but this time we were in Chicago for engagement pictures. Upon meeting up with Michelle and Jeremy and taking the first picture, we knew that this session was going to rock! These two were the best! They have such fun personalities and we had so much fun working with them. So much so that when it was time to wrap things up and head out, both Natasha and I as well as Michelle and Jeremy were upset that it had to end. It was kind of like the feeling you get when leaving from vacation. There was no need to spend time warming up to each other, figuring out how the other one worked in order to have a successful session. We posed them together, and before you know it, they are all smiles and laughs and it seriously made for the best pictures! Like most city sessions, we walked around the city quite a bit, stopping at locations that looked great for pictures. Parks, sidewalks, buildings, etc. Chicago has it all. So much so, it’s upsetting to me that I can’t photograph it all. The skies were cloudy, but not too much to make it too dark, but not so light that the sun was causing harsh light. It was absolutely perfect. No matter which direction I had Michelle and Jeremy look, the lighting was the best! The temperature was pretty amazing too; chilly, but not too much to make us cold.

After pictures downtown Chicago, we made our way just outside of town to get the skyline in the pictures. This turned out to be so great as well. With it being breast cancer awareness month, many of the buildings were lit up with pink lights. So many buildings with pink lights created a pink lit sky, and it looked even brighter because the clouds were low, so the reflection of the light was even more vibrant. However, at this point, the water was high. I guess I should have known seeing that there have been warnings the weather channel. However, even though the water was crashing on the landing and making us a little wet we stayed down there because the pictures would be so worth it, and I think we made the right decision because I love how the pictures turned out. After that we parted ways, but the story doesn’t end here. On our way home, we made it about 40 minutes out of town and decided to stop to get something to eat, and we needed gas. However, we forgot to get gas, so we drove another 20 minutes, filled up, and as we were paying I hear my name from the entrance. We look over and there’s Michelle and Jeremy. Seriously, what are the chances? We loved working with these two and can’t wait for the wedding, as I’m sure it’s going to be quite fun!