One Year Cake Smash :: Donavin

What a fun year it’s been photographing Donavin! That feels so crazy as a type it. Has it really been a year already?!?! Time has gone by much too fast. Here we are though, and it’s time for his cake smash. It’s always funny watching babies during the cake smash because every baby handles it differently. I always have these expectations that the baby is going to go crazy and throw cake all over the place, but maybe that’s the kid in me who craves sugar all the time. For the most part, babies don’t quite have the taste for sugar that older kids or adults have, so watching them cautiously get into the cake makes it even better. Donavin was a cautious eater; one finger tip at a time. He loved it though, ever bite resulted in laughter. As he tore his way through the cake one or two fingertips at a time, the laughter became louder, it was pretty hilarious. At one point, he even got his foot involved in the action. Not sure how one goes about eating cake with their foot, but he pulled it off. Donavin has been an incredible baby to photograph. From his newborn session to now, he’s just been great!