Pankau // Fairground Pictures

Last year I had the idea of offering sessions at the fairgrounds, however, this idea came in the middle of fair week. So this year when fair season was approaching, I started pushing out the idea to see how well it would be received. We booked quite a few sessions at the fair, at least a lot more than I expected. 🙂 What was fun about them is that they ranged so much in the type of session. Some wanted pictures of their kids enjoying the fair, some wanted pictures of the two of them, another wanted to do a baby gender reveal. How fun! Pankau’s wanted pictures of their kids enjoying the fair. Everything from the rides to cotton candy. The fair is fun enough as it is, but seeing the enjoyment in kids’ eyes makes it so much more fun… photographing the enjoyment in kids’ eyes? Even better!! We had such a fun time photographing their two girls and we had a perfect day for pictures! Keep your eyes peeled next year, because we will definitely be doing this again!