Quinn // Newborn Photography Altamont, IL

Quinn was our second baby to do newborn pictures. After our first session a few weeks ago spoiling us, we figured there would be no way we could be spoiled with a sleeping baby throughout the entire session two times in a row. We were wrong. Quinn was out the entire session. We were able to move and pose him with very little fighting back from him. It was absolutely perfect. As I mentioned in the last blog post, Natasha is the one that is handling baby photography and it’s pretty awesome watching her do her thing. Newborn photography is a completely different ball game from weddings. It’s slower, definitely quieter, and we control everything (the environment, temperature, lighting. And unlike weddings, I do very little here. I’m more the assistant at newborn sessions and Natasha is the boss. This works out great I think. She does great with kids at weddings as it is, so it’s been a pretty smooth transition into doing newborn pictures too. With most newborn sessions, we tell the families to plan on 2-4 hours. You never know. If baby is upset or hungry, we may need to wait a while for a milk coma to set in, or maybe it takes longer to pose. Each baby is different so we like to plan for anything we can think of (this is probably about the only similarity newborn sessions have with weddings!). After around 90 minutes, mom, dad, and Quinn were walking out the door. I was amazed at how cooperative Quinn was, and he was a dream to photograph. This session, we had a few Arizona Cardinal props brought in by the parents, so it was definitely fun incorporating something a little unique to the pictures. Overall, this was a great second newborn session. I’m so excited to see more of what comes with newborn pictures after this one with Quinn. We had a fun time working with this family and can’t wait to reveal even more pictures to them.